Gear. Helmet. Class.

Basic gear, first helmet

step 1 - Basics

The goal in getting started is: don't wait. Here are a few things that will serve you beyond riding your motorcycle.

Boots - You'll need these to take the Basic Rider Course. They need to cover your ankle to qualify and you can wear them on days you don't ride.

Jacket - Ideally you'll want a jacket with protective armor, but who couldn't use a leather jacket?

Gloves - Keep your hands safe and warm. 

step 2 - helmet

Your brain is pretty important, right? Everyone can agree on that, but people have mixed opinions on helmet selection. Here's ours.

  • Open faced helmets are cool, but full faced will protect you better.
  • You can't go wrong paying up when it comes to protecting your head. It's a GREAT investment (nothing wrong with the cheaper options but if you can afford it, why not?) 
  •  When researching, consider helmet weight. The lighter, the better on your neck. 

step 3 - learn to ride

Simply put, sign up to take the class to learn how to ride.

I was intimidated by the thought of learning how to ride and taking the Basic Rider Course. All the thoughts came into my mind that created doubt...

"What were the other people in the class going to think of me? I'm going to look like a dork. What if I drop the bike? What if I fail the class? I'll be out $200."

The truth is, the class was worth every penny!

The world needs more educated riders. The Music City Motorcycle Training (Learn To Ride) instructors do a great job of bite-sizing how to ride a motorcycle and those best riding-practices will serve you for the rest of your life.

Upon passing the two day class, you'll be presented with a certificate. You can take the certificate to the DMV and get your license printed. To sign up and take your Basic Rider Course, click the button below.