• Nashville Motorcycle Repair (map)
  • 30 Cleveland Avenue
  • Nashville, TN, 37210
  • United States

The PseudoMoto Scrapper 24 is a 24-hour endurance challenge to see which team can put the most miles on a bike whose total cost cannot exceed $500. 

This year, all teams are required to ride to the Jack Daniels Distillery & back at some point during the event. Whose bike will blow up? Whose will go the distance? Find out & have some burgers & brews while you wait. The competition starts at noon on Saturday, May 6th, and there are regular check-ins at 6p, midnight and 6a. Teams that are still in it to win it will cross the finish line at noon on Sunday, May 7th.

Judges: Josh Lagersen, Andrew Duthie, Aaron Hodges